Motivation & Personal Development

4.1.Work With Passion

Work with Passion

Passion cannot be taught – it can only be inspired and supported by others. To become passionate at work, everyone must adopt new mindsets, perspectives, attitudes and has passionate mental goals.

This program enable each professional to experience mindset change, personal transformation that will unleash passion at work into peak performance.

With our insightful facilitators, participants in this program will have experiential learning in a highly participative environment.

The right participant for this program:

  • Managers, supervisors, staff who need to re-discover their passion at work
  • All level employees who need to achieve their peak performance
  • Leaders, executives and professional
4.2.Achieving Your Best

Achieving Your Best (Practical NLP Program)

In this program we use Practical NLP that will reprograms mind to direct subconscious mind to react in a better way.

Our facilitators uses various techniques of Practical NLP that will helps participants to control their mind in a way that helps in achieving their best performance.

“You can’t control the results, but you can control the actions and the inputs of that process”. In this program participants will be trained how to set appropriate target and control the actions and inputs of the process for maximum performance.

The right participant for this program:

  • Sales leaders and team who need to increase performance
  • Managers, supervisors, staff that responsible in achieving target
  • Professional that need to destroy mental block in reaching higher performance
4.3.Problem SOlving & Decision Making

Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM)

In this program, participants will be equipped with the skill to identify the problems, find the root causes using problem solving tools methods, and how to have systematic approach in making a decision.

With interactive learning methods, participants will practice how to solve problems and make decision in  small group

The right participant for this program:

  • All level employees who need to develop their PSDM skill
  • Executives and managers that in charge in decision making
  • Professional and leaders
4.4. Practical Project Management

Practical Project Management

In this digital era manages a project is more challenging, but also an opportunity to expand your role. Through this program, participant will learn the practical steps in project management.

What need to do in preparing projects, the methods and approach used in effort to ensure the projects still on tracks (triangle of cost, quality, time) and how to es

The right participant for this program:

  • Project managers and teams
  • Managers, supervisors and staffs who manage projects
  • Professional who need to increase their skill in managing projects practically
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