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Christine Handayani
Managing Director


  • Certified Master Trainer
  • Licensed Practitioner of NLP ™, Society of NLP™
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coach Federation.
  • Master of Industrial Psychology, University of Indonesia.

Christine is the founder of the Next Leader, she is known as Leadership Trainer and Millennial Coach who is experienced in cross-generation performance development. She has helped many professionals and organizations in improving performance through programs in the field of multi-generational leadership, communication across generations, motivation and personal breakthroughs, service excellence, problem solving, corporate culture and also Human Capital management.

With more than fourteen years of experience, Christine has been trusted as  HR Learning Department Head at a retail company with branches throughout Indonesia as well as a Senior Consultant and Business Development Manager at a leading HR training consultant in Jakarta. This experience has led Christine to have a broad perspective in helping various clients both in private companies, state-owned enterprises and government institutions in the area of ​​leadership training across generations, talent acquisition, talent management, designing competencies models, development of vision, mission, values ​​and culture to performance evaluation at the corporate level to individuals.

Her devotion in HR development has brought Christine to be known as an insightful trainer and motivator who focuses on the transformation of mindset, motivation and behavior change that has more than 2000 hours in providing training and 200 hours of coaching for executives.

As an organizational psychologist, Christine has handled various projects such as assessment centers, talent mapping, employee engagement, coaching and counseling. In her daily life Christine is also an NLP Practitioner who actively provides consultations in career development and enhancing team performance across generations.

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