Next Leader uses Experiential Learning approach that involves four aspects of thought, feeling, observation and behavior. Experiential Learning is a modern adult learning style that facilitates participants to experience, reflect, conceptualize and then apply it in their daily work.


Developing millennials and intergenerational relationship at work requires continuous accompaniment. Next Leader coaching program comes with the Self-Efficacy Development approach, which is an important factor that is now recognized as a determinant of one’s success.


Everyone that has been developed need to be in the right position in organization. Next Leader believes organizations with the right strategies can attract, manage, retain and continuously improve the performance of their workforce that contains multi-generational talents.


Everyday is a game challenge for Millennial workforce. They grow, work, interact with games just like breathing. Millennials are hero in their own story. Let’s engage them to grow in your organization with game-based learning. Next Leader provide learning practices inside the game story.

Why Next Leader?


We are focusing on millennial and intergenerational development programs. To handle millennials requires special attention and for this purpose Next Leader is dedicated.


Success in personal and organization development requires careful planning. Next Leaders not only plan well, we deliver proven programs from global research-based.


Our program is designed in line with current challenges of human resources, the latest issues that occur across generations in organizations and business situations.


With long-term experience of developing individuals and organizations, we are trusted network to help our clients achieve result in enhancing the effectiveness of organizational performance.

Insights from us

Some of Companies That Experienced Our Program

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