Communicating Across Generations

We understand that recently communication at work become more challenging with three generations workforce, which each generation has their own different characteristics and preferences.

Based on our experience of developing individuals from multi-generation background, we recognize that generational diversity can be a benefit and strength to the organization.

The program objectives

  • Understand communication characteristics of three different generation currently in the workforce
  • Recognize your values, work style and corporate culture can influence communications
  • Create dynamic communication approach to meet the challenges of generational differences
  • Manage interpersonal conflict and learn point of view from different generations
  • Understand and implement how multi-generational diversity can benefit to organization.

Through this two days program participants will practice how to communicate clearly in effective way with all generations in the workplace.

Who is the right participant for this program?

Every professional, employee, individual that want to enhance their personal and interpersonal communication skills across generation at work.

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