Building Team Across Generations

1.1.Collaborative Team across Generations

Collaborative team Across Generations

Four generations of work today can be both a challenge and an opportunity. Through this program participants who are across generations equipped with attitudes and skill in how to improving work relations.

The right participant for this program:

  • All Level Employees Across Generations
  • Team Across Generations
1.2.Managing Millennial At Work

Managing Millennial At Work

Programs designed to equipped leaders who manage Millennial and Gen Z in the workplace. Participant will be helped to understand Millennial, strategies to become work partners for Millennials and establish company policies that increase Millennial involvement.

The right participant for this program:

  • Manager, supervisor, senior officer
  • HR department
  • Organizational leaders and professionals
1.3.Becoming Star Leaders (1)

Becoming Star Leaders

Program for Millennials and Gen Z in adapting to the environment and other generations. They will be equipped how to develop emotional intelligence, leadership skills, work motivation for maximum career achievement and totally engagement in organization.

The right participant for this program:

  • Millennial and Gen Z professionals
  • Senior officer, supervisor, managers
  • Future leaders / Management Trainee
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