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Leading In New Normal

New normal conditions for leaders who have growth mindset becomes an opportunity to re-develop  attitude of rise the optimistic spirit and empathetic  culture for each others in team.

In this program leaders will be equipped with 3 Essential Skills in New Normal. Skills to improve self-sufficiency based on personal values​. Assist team in so they can stand upright in facing crisis and how to build winning culture to achieve better performance.

The right participant for this program:

  • Supervisors, managers and management levels
  • Team leaders and staffs
  • Future leaders and professionals
3.2.Effective COmmunication Skill

Strengthen Team using NLP Coaching

In this pandemic condition, leaders need significant breakthrough for themselves and their team to stay strong. Using Neuro Lingustic Program (NLP) approach, in this program participants will be helped to become coach for their team and equipped with NLP mind-tools and skill-tools.

Participants will also get lots of practice using NLP Coaching that standardized from ICF (International Coach Federation) USA and The Sociaty of NLP to strengthen their team.

The right participant for this program:

  • Senior staffs, supervisors, managers
  • Team leaders across department
  • Coach, counselor and people development enthusiast

EQ For Supervisory in New Normal

As first line leaders, in this program supervisors will be equipped to have self awareness, self regulations of their emotions and building empathy, motivation and self management through Emotional Quotient (EQ).

Supervisors will learn and practice to implement how EQ improve their team performance and get better understanding of themselves.

The right participant for this program:

  • Supervisor and senior staffs
  • Officers who need to develop their Emotional Intelligence
  • Team leaders and professionals who manage team
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Creative Thinking in New Normal

Challenging situation in this new normal, pushed us to have creative thinking to create new ideas  for survive in our business and have a sense of creativity in solving problems.

Through this program, participants will be involve in World Class proven methods to bring out our creative thinking, to explore the power of brain, and to solve problems with different kinds of methods to achieve better results.

The right participant for this program:

  • All level employees who interested in creating creative ways to increase productivity
  • Leaders that need to always have new ideas for their team performance
  • Everyone who need to boost their creativity to solve the problem

Training for Online Trainers

Participants will involved in interactive learning and involved to practice how to become Online Trainers. Equipped how to build confident as online speaker, liven up the atmosphere and getting fully engagement from online audience.

Facilitated by our experienced trainers, participants will practice how to become attractive trainer, speaker, host, guest star in digital platforms; such as Youtube Live, Instagram TV, Facebook TV and others platforms.

The right participant for this program:

All level employees, professionals, business owner that interested as digital trainer or speaker.

NLP For Managing Stress

Global crisis that has affected all lines of life, make us need to have smart ways to manage our emotion and stress through mind programming. Participants will be help to build with therapeutic  techniques to release stress and build resilience. 

Through this program, participants will be also equipped with NLP tools to enable them do self-healing, increase their motivation quickly, utilize the power of NLP that will change their lives, and creating new habits for life success.

The right participant for this program:

  • All employees, professional, business owner that to manage their stress and emotion
  • Everyone that need for personal breakthrough
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