Agile Leadership

2.1.Leader As A Coach

Becoming Leader as a Coach

A leader with the characteristics of a Coach who is able to explore the best potential of his subordinates and facilitate the achievement of team consistently.
Participants will be provided with skill and tool set how to develop their skill as Coach for their team to increase their team performance.

The right participant for this program:

  • Managers or Department Head level
  • Leaders who need to increase team performance
  • Team leaders who need to become coach
2.2.Practical Leadership for Supervisor

Practical Leadership for Supervisor

Practical skills that are very essential for first level leaders in the organization. How to  make targets and plans, provide supervision, managing team relations, monitoring and improving team performance.

The right participant for this program:

  • Supervisor, senior officers
  • Team leaders
  • Shop floor leaders
2.3.Leadership Strength for Future Leader

Leadership Strength for Future Leader

Program for future team leaders to establish passionate vision, align personal values ​​with the organization and lead yourself effectively in achieving maximum performance.

Through this program young leaders will be equipped with 3 Foundations of Leadership Mindset and Skill set, work ethic, exploring their strengths and have winning attitude to support their career.

The right participant for this program:

  • Future Leaders / Management Trainee
  • Millennial and Gen Z
  • Young leaders
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