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Everyone that has been developed need to be in the right position or role in organization.


HR Consulting Framework

talent management for intergenerational workforce

Next Leader believes organizations with the right strategies that can attract, manage, retain and continuously improve the performance of their talents that today contain a multi-generational workforce. With an integrated approach and best practices which has been used in various organizations, our consultants ready to assist our clients in managing of both the millennials and the other generation talents.

HR consulting Programs

Talent Management for Millennials

Managing millennial talents requires certain effort. Through experiences in various organizations, Next Leader consultants use an integrated approach to managing the millennials talent. The success of talent management requires visionary leaders, people who are experts in their field, and certainly the right strategy in managing existing talents to not just retain but also facilitate them to be able to release their best performance.

  • Identify and develop millennial talents needed for business success today and in the future.
  • Attract, acquire, manage, involve, reward millennials talent appropriately
  • Improve the effectiveness of HR function and organizational effectiveness in managing talent across generations of work.
  • Communicate to encourage proper millennial behavior in accordance with the culture and vision of the organization.

Employee Engagement in Millennial Era

Employee Engagement is one of the main indicators to measure the resilience and sustainability of an organization. Recently organizations are faced with millennial who slowly but surely continue to dominate our workforce. For us employee engagement is an emotional commitment of employees to organizations and organizational goals. It is an emotional commitment that makes both millennials and other generations really care about the job and the company they work for.

Next Leader focuses on internal and external factors in employees and organizations that have been developed through global research in increasing employee engagement in the millennial era.


Assessment Center for Manager and Executives

Our Assessment Center program involve experienced Industrial Psychologist that use battery of psychological tests and multi measurement methods to assess managerial competencies and leadership potentials of each participants.

Organization Vision, Mission, Value (VMV) Internalization

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