We understand that to develop millennials and intergenerational relationship at work requires continuous accompaniment.


Coaching Framework


Next Leader coaching program comes with the Self-Efficacy Development approach. Self-Efficacy is an important factor that is now recognized as a determinant of one’s success, is a person’s assessment of his ability that will determine the effectiveness of performance achievement.

Coaching Programs


Career Coaching for Future Leaders (Millennial and Gen Z)

Career Coaching is designed to help future leaders (Millennials and Gen Z) develop their key success competencies to be willing to do their maximum effort for career success and organizational achievement.

Our experienced coach will accompany future leaders to discover a new insight, explore the potential possessed and motivate them to be willing to spend its best effort to achieve even more exceed the expected standards.

Performance Coaching for Higher Result

Our coaching program for leaders, executives and professionals to provoke their mind in a way that helps them achieve their goals to the maximum potential and train themselves to rise a new, challenging and achievable targets.

With a long journey experience, our coach will facilitate positive change in mind that triggers positive changes in day to day performance for higher result.

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