Presentation Skill in Millennial Era

Today Millennial workforce has started to enter managerial ladder. As future leaders, they need to be equipped with skills to deliver a qualified presentation. Presentations are not just public speaking, but it is an opportunity to sell ideas, transfer knowledge and negotiate interests.

Participants will learn

  • Recognize the objective of your presentation and your core strength.
  • Understand your audience: their needs and preferences
  • Use digital technology as your presentation tools.
  • Use creativity to develop attractive presentation structures and outlines.
  • Speak with confidence and mastery your visual, vocal, verbal.

This program is designed for 2 days to equip Millennial presenters in this era of digital technology. Next Leader understands that presenters need to be equipped with skills in using technology to present ideas with interactive approaches to get buy in from multi-generational workforce.

Who is the right participant for this program?

Every professional, employee, individual that want to develop and enhance their presentation skill and become impactful public speaker. This program is designed for maximum 15 participants.

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