Practical Leadership for Supervisors

Supervisor is a valuable asset to provide role-model and to unleash future leaders. But if the supervisors do not get the right handling, they can be a latent problem of your future leadership in your organization.

Based on our long journey experiences, Next Leader understands that in fact some individuals are not ready to lead, even though they have become supervisors. Therefore our program is present to assist and equip supervisors with practical leadership skills.

Participants will learn

  • Supervisor who has self-aware and have strong sense of accountability
  • Know their strength and understand their actions impact the team and organization
  • Practical skill to become Supervisor Leaders and Managers:
  • Planning and setting performance goal
  • Building and leading team
  • Communicating for impact
  • Coaching and giving feedback for long term result
  • Supervisors that are taking active role in developing their team performance

Through this two-day program, we help supervisors to apply the practical skills, get the problems from the field and receive feedback from our facilitator on the second week meeting.

Who is the right participant for this program?

Every supervisor, leader, senior officer, individual who want to develop their leadership with practical skill that can implement in their daily work.

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