Leading and Managing Millennials Workforce

This program is specifically designed to leaders who manages and leads Millennials at work. Participants are helped to understand them, how to manage with them as partners and how can successfully become leaders in the Millennial Era.

Participants will learn

  • Differences and Growing Gaps of the Generations
  • Who Millennials and Monumental Reasons that They Matter
  • How to Manage Millennials (Attract, Motivate, Lead, Recognize them)
  • How to Develop Millennials (Improve work ethics and communication skill)
  • Working effectively with Millennials

Leading and Managing Millennials Workforce is designed for two days by presenting Millennials Guest Star, an inspired Millennial who will be invited as a professional representative to share their perspective, needs and challenges to their seniors.

Who is the right participant for this program?

Every employee, leader, Generation X or Baby Boomer managers or supervisors who wants to improve their approach in managing with the Millennials.

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