Leadership Strength for Millennials

Next Leader believes every individual has different potential and strength as their uniqueness. With an approach that begin with recognize personal strength and develop a strong self-awareness, this program is designed to equip Millennials workforce to develop their leadership strength.

The program objectives

  • Millennials who are self-aware and have purpose in life.
  • Understand their core strength and how to develop it into personal added value.
  • Take an initiative to plan and manage time effectively.
  • Millennials who are prepared to listen, communicate, and able to solve relational conflicts.
  • Ready to lead themselves and have resilience to overcome personal obstacles.

Designed for two days, our facilitator team that are a mood builder and have extra mile spirit, will helped Millennials to build and strengthen their leadership foundation so that able to defeat their greatest enemy in life and lead themselves towards their purpose of life.

Who is the right participant for this program?

Every professional, officer, individual who want to develop and strengthen their leadership foundation and able to achieve their personal life purpose.

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