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Jachja Jusuf
Partner dan Lead Consultant
Jachja Jusuf


  • BSMR Level 3
  • Assistant Vice President, Bank Ekonomi
  • Assistant Vice President, HSBC Network Operations
  • Bachelor in Theology

          Jachja has more than 35 years of experience in the banking sector, particularly in developing bank operations, both in national private banks and foreign banks. His role as a senior banker began in 1983 from handling bank operations to the birth of Bank Ekonomi in 1990. He was experienced in handling and developing operational preparation for a new bank to prepare qualified human resources through the development of development training programs.

          His career as Assistant Vice President at the national private bank and foreign bank also delivered him as a person who was very helpful in establishing new branch offices to supervise and develop branch offices throughout Indonesia.

          Jachja is also a trainer and consultant for bank operational modules, excellent service to the establishment of a service culture. As a senior banking leader, Jachja has also made many improvements to the performance of branch offices carried out by internal improvement of branch operations to become more productive

          He has received a Banking Risk Management Certification from the Indonesian banking regulator (BSMR level 3), and also a leadership trainer and speaker who has developed many leaders across generations.

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