High Impact Skills for Millennials At Work

Creative, courageous, ambitious are some of Millennial characteristics. In organizations, their characteristics are sometime viewed differently by their senior generations, Baby Boomers and Generation X.

Through this program, Millennials are helped to understand the characteristics, work style and expectations of their prior generations, find their talent and passion at work, and successful tips to achieve their career goals.

Participants will learn

  • Why You Are Great, Different and Unique
  • The Views and Expectations of Your Predecessor Generation
  • Building effective interactions with peers and leaders across generations
  • High Impact Skills for Millennials at work
  • How to implement the skills and manage your career in organization

Designed for two days, in this program we will present Senior Guest Stars of Baby Boomers or Generation X guests to share their experiences, perspectives, tips on how to overcome challenges at work, and share their expectations for Millennials as future leaders.

Who is the right participant for this program?

Every professional, employee, individual that want to enhance their personal and interpersonal skills across generation at work, find and develop their potentials, provide added value for organizational performance.

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