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Work like an Achiever & Win like a Champion


Work Like An Achiever and Win Like A Champion is book written by Christine Handayani and four other co-authors. This Inspirational books with practical words that ​​contain 3 stages that must be passed for professional to achieve their best performance in work and winner in life.

These three stages are Trainee, Achiever and Champion. At each stage there is things that must be taken one by one. By using inspirational learning from animal characters and behavior, making Work Like An Achiever and Win Like A Champion is easily absorbed and applied in the daily lives for everyone who want to improve themselves and become winner in life.

Book Testimonies

“When we are in a helpless state, a story and analogy can arouse enthusiasm to rise up and draw enlightenment that can make us achieve its goals.

In this book, animal character and behavior also provide inspiration that allows you to take one step closer to success. I recommend this book for you! Taste, enjoy and chew with all the flavors presented by the author.”

Antonius Arif
Sales Capability Development Coach
Best Seller Author – Rahasia Menghancurkan Mental Block

“Work Like An Achiever and Win Like A Champion is  an extraordinary and unique book. There are 33 stories about animal characteristics and collaborating with the world of work and the real world everyday.

The author is very keen to choose the title of this book and pour it in a straightforward and easy to understand language style. Congratulations on the publication of this book and which will certainly benefit all of us.”

Odetta Jeffin
Violin Motivator
Best Seller Author – I Want to be The Next Merry Riana
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