PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama, Tbk

Our Client

Bukaka Teknik Utama, Tbk or known as Bukaka that has dedicated for Indonesia for more than four decades, is a company that has developed its business in 10 business units, namely steel tower, passenger boarding bridge, steel bridge, oil and gas equipment, road construction equipment , offshore maintenance and services, special purpose vehicles, galvanizing, precast, power generation.

As one of the companies that has produced worldwide works, Bukaka lives the values ​​of IT-PIE (Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence) in an effort to achieve the company’s vision through competent and professional employees.

What We Do

As a partner in developing organization’s talents who is trusted by PT. Bukaka Teknika Utama, Tbk; Next Leader Consulting also trains Future Leaders of Bukaka, the Millennial generation who are developed through the Management Trainee program to be prepared to become Supervisors.

Training programs that have been facilitated include:

  • Self Leadership for Millennial
  • Communication Skill for Millennial
  • Positive Attitudes for Millennial At Work
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