PT. Ivo Mas Tunggal

Our Client

PT Ivo Mas Tunggal is one of the companies under Sinarmas Agribusniess and Food (PT. Smart, Tbk) that located in Lubukgaung, Dumai. As one of the public companies of palm oil-based consumer products, PT Ivo Mas Tunggal is one of the largest CPO (crude palm oil) refineries in Riau.

What We Do

Next Leader Consulting gained the trust to facilitate programs to improve skills and work motivation from the level of managers (Department Head), section heads, officers and also foremen and operators from PT. Ivo Mas Tunggal.

The training programs included:

  • Effective Communication Skill for employees from level officers to operators.
  • Build A High Performance Team for Department Head, Section Head and Officer.
  • How To Manage Your Boss for Officers, Foreman and Operators

Through this program, Next Leader facilitator focuses on improving the skills of participants in building effective communication, so that each participants enable to work more solidly, show empathy to understand each other and practical skills in dealing with superiors and resolving conflicts with fellow co-workers.

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