PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama, Tbk

Our Client

Bukaka Teknik Utama, Tbk or known as Bukaka that has dedicated for Indonesia for more than four decades, is a company that has developed its business in 10 business units, namely steel tower, passenger boarding bridge, steel bridge, oil and gas equipment, road construction equipment , offshore maintenance and services, special purpose vehicles, galvanizing, precast, power generation.

As one of the companies that has produced worldwide works, Bukaka lives the values ​​of IT-PIE (Integrity, Teamwork, Professionalism, Innovation, Excellence) in an effort to achieve the company’s vision through competent and professional employees.

What We Do

In this Problem Solving and Decision Making (PSDM) Program, Next Leader Consulting facilitated the participants to develop systematic thinking in solving the problem and making decision using quantitative approach.

Divided into 2 main modules i.e. Systematic Approach in Problem Solving and Quantitative Approach in Making Decision, the facilitator involved the participants in several activities to analyses the cases, discussion, presentation and also interactive games.

The participants were involved in QnA (question and answer) with the facilitator according to the approaches that they can practice in their jobs. Attended by Supervisors and Officers of PT Bukaka from various its business units i.e. Steel Tower, Galvanizing, Steel Bridge, Passenger Boarding Bridge and Offshore Maintenance; they were also sharing and discussing their challenges in the field, the situations and conditions that they faced daily in their units.

Through this sharing and discussion, facilitator also gave feedback, advice and some best practices that they can implement according to their job roles. The program was closed with giving the appreciation for the best participants.

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