PT. Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN)

Our Client

Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN) is a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation based in Japan, has played a role in the development of the automotive industry in Indonesia for more than four decades.

As a manufacturer and exporter of Toyota products and parts, PT. TMMIN has become part of valuable assets for this nation, as well as opening employment opportunities for the people of Indonesia. At present, PT. TMMIN has five factories operating in Sunter and Karawang.

What We Do

Next Leader Consulting gained trust in developing Group and Team Leaders of PT. TMMIN in Group and Team Leader Development Program: COMMUNICATION and COACHING SKILL DEVELOPMENT BATCH II.

This training is a series of programs to develop work attitudes and skills for Group and Team leaders to be able to become role models for their subordinates and take on the role of coaches who develop subordinates through  performance coaching.

In this program, Next Leader Consulting focuses on developing Group and Team Leaders aware of the benefits of coaching and the right techniques and steps. The group and team leaders were also invited to practice through role-play in the group so that they could immediately practice giving coaching to the team members and getting individual feedback from the facilitator.

The training was closed by raising the awareness of the group and team leader who was the leader to be able to become a positive influencer and representative of the company for their subordinates.

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