MAERSK (PT. Pelayaran Bintang Putih)

Our Client

Multinational company from Denmark that engaged in the logistics sector. Companies that have expanded in 5 continents, namely Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Australia, in Indonesia known as PT. White Star Cruise.

As a global company that has proven reliability in the logistics sector, MAERSK has expanded its business in the areas of Shipping and Cargo Services, Supply Chain Services, Freight Forwarding, and Digital Solutions.

What We Do

Next Leader Consulting equips internal trainers of Maersk Indonesia through program: Interactive Facilitation Skill, which is an Advanced Training for Trainers program that focus on interactive facilitating techniques.

Through this program internal trainers are prepared to become reliable and interactive trainers. They were equipped to play a role as interactive facilitators that using Modern Adult Learning Principle in facilitating soft skills and technical skills training according to their roles and responsibilities.

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