Bank Victoria

Our Client

As one of the trusted banks in Indonesia that has been established since 1994 and continues to grow, Bank Victoria has gained the trust of the people of Indonesia.

At present Bank Victoria has 88 Operational Office networks consisting of 1 Head Office, 13 Branch Offices, 63 Sub-Branch Offices and 11 Cash Offices spread across the Greater Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Manado, Bali, Semarang and Makassar. In an effort to provide the best service, Bank Victoria has also expanded its business through various integrated financial services.

What We Do

In order to develop attitudes and work skills for Bank Victoria Operational Heads, Next Leader Consulting facilitates Operational Heads through Operational Banking Control and Motivational Session.

The training which was attended by all Operational Heads throughout Indonesia focused on increasing risk awareness and risk control of the participants who were leaders as well as their main responsibility of operational activities at the branch.

Through this program, participants were also invited to regain work motivation and were able to see problems on the ground as challenges to advance themselves and opportunities for developing team performance so that they were more solid.

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